MAY 17-21, 2016 · Blue Ridge Mtns.

All Donations Benefit Diabetes Training Camp Foundation

4 Days.

4 Friends.

400 Miles.

40,000' of Elevation Gain.

$40,000 Raised.



RIDE40 is raising scholarship funds for Diabetes Training Camp Foundation.


I’m Grant Curry and I was diagnosed with Diabetes in February 1976, when I was 8.  In May of 2016, I will celebrate 40 years living with Diabetes by taking on an extreme cycling challenge with 3 of my friends.  RIDE40 is symbolic of the figurative and literal highs and lows of living with Diabetes. RIDE40 represents both the difficulties I’ve experienced and the opportunities I’ve been given in my life with Diabetes.  Through RIDE40, I bring new hope and empowerment with me as I move forward.  RIDE40 is my thank you to all who have supported me over the years and is a renewal of my commitment to live well with the challenges shared by all people with Diabetes.

Diabetes camp programs have been the cornerstone of building my knowledge base, developing management skills, maintaining mental health and creating a peer support network in my life with Diabetes.  I attended camp for boys with Diabetes when I was young and was a counselor as a teen.  As an adult, I attended Diabetes Training Camp, where I now volunteer as Assistant Cycling Coach.  This program has helped me to thrive in my active life with Diabetes.  As a result of my involvement in these programs, I have a life full of possibility rather than the fear, frustration and disappointment that often accompanies Diabetes.

I am compelled to raise scholarship funding for Diabetes Training Camp Foundation so others may discover a fulfilling active life with Diabetes.

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Townsend Myers, AKA The Boneman,  is a dear friend of mine over the last 20 years.  As a long time cyclist, he helped me return to the sport in my mid 30’s.  He has been a tremendous support to me and has been my riding partner on several JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes events.  He is the founder of the Semi Tough Cycling Club of New Orleans and enjoys using cycling as a way to support charity fundraising and promote health and good sportsmanship in his community.  He’s always happy to let me ride on his wheel.  His willingness to take long pulls at the front of a paceline says much about his character and ability to be an exceptional teammate and friend.  

Bryan Yates, AKA B-Velo,  is a longtime friend and supporter of my health and fitness ambitions.  A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Bryan has competed in road races, crits, endurance events and mountain biking. He has participated in hundreds of races and other cycling events, including the Everest Challenge Stage Race, billed as America’s toughest 2-day race. He is a Level 2 USAC certified coach and is head coach of Pablove Across America.  He owns Pedal Spin Studio in South Pasadena, CA and Locomotiv Performance Coaching (  Bryan is also Brand Manager for Peloton Magazine.  He is dedicated to inspiring others to find their inner athletes.  Bryan has a kind, humble and encouraging nature that will be a great asset to Team Ride40.

Unfortunately,our friend Sebastien Sasseville will not be riding with us due to unforeseen circumstances.  He'll be with us in spirit during the Ride40 Challenge.

Rick Crawford, AKA Crawfish, has been my friend and mentor since we first met in 2008 at my first Diabetes Training Camp where Rick is Head Coach.  I have since become his right hand at DTC as Assistant Cycling Coach.  Rick has lifelong experience as a champion athlete and gifted coach.  Rick excels at coaching and training by striving to best understand the athlete in all areas of their life and challenging the individual to think creatively in their efforts to achieve personal goals.  Rick, like myself, sees imperfections as avenues to opportunity and shortcomings and setbacks as the information that leads us to be better athletes and people.  His caring spirit is what shines brightest above all else.  Rick has taught me much about myself and I’m grateful to have him with me on my journey.

Team Coordination/Ride Support

Cynthia Curry leads Team RIDE40 with her exceptional ability to organize and galvanize team efforts.  Her positivity, enthusiasm and strength of character are the first things one notices about her.  When challenges arise, she is the person to count on to face difficulty and move forward.  Cynthia has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for over 13 years and continues to thrive and lead an active life in spite of her own personal challenges.  As a longtime cyclist herself, she knows how to suffer when the road or trail gets steep.  It’s her ability to get up and over a climb that serves as a great metaphor for her approach to life.  She is my hero and my wife.  

Carrie Cheadle, MA, CC-AASP, Mental Skills Coach, brings a wealth of positivity to Team RIDE40.  She’s the kind of person who seems to have an innate sense of what I need to hear in when I’m considering giving up on something. In addition to being my dear friend, she is also the author of On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance.  She has years of experience working with pro and amateur athletes and also specializes in working with people living with Diabetes.  Carrie is the Mental Skills Coach at Diabetes Training Camp.  Her philosophical approach to leading an active and fulfilling life with Diabetes has been integral to my successes and my ability to deal with setbacks.  She consistently challenges me to be the best I can be.

Medical Support

Matt Corcoran,  MD, CDE, ACSM Exercise Specialist is the founder and CEO of Diabetes Training Camp and the founder of Diabetes Training Camp Foundation.  I’ve known Matt since 2008 and have seen his approach to living with Diabetes and exercising with Diabetes change hundreds of lives, all for the better.  His ability to see the entire person living with Diabetes, rather than just a set of numbers, makes him one of the finest physicians anywhere specializing in Diabetes.  Matt will provide team support during RIDE40 in the way of encouragement and troubleshooting if medical challenges arise.  Matt is my dear friend and has led me to believe I can take on this challenge and win.  

Partners of RIDE40 help make this event possible and support me in helping others live well with Diabetes.  My sincerest thanks to each of our partners.



Donations made to Ride40 Benefit Diabetes Training Camp Foundation and will fund scholarships for people living with Diabetes for a life-changing week of education, empowerment and inspiration at Diabetes Training Camp. 

Diabetes Training Camp Foundation is a non-profit corporation, 501C3 tax-exempt status pending.

Ride40 would not be possible without connecting with people. If you have any questions, comments, or want to get involved with Ride40, please contact us with the form below. 

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