I’m Grant Curry and I was diagnosed with Diabetes in February 1976, when I was 8.  In May of 2016, I will celebrate 40 years living with Diabetes by taking on an extreme cycling challenge with 3 of my friends.  RIDE40 is symbolic of the figurative and literal highs and lows of living with Diabetes. RIDE40 represents both the difficulties I’ve experienced and the opportunities I’ve been given in my life with Diabetes.  Through RIDE40, I bring new hope and empowerment with me as I move forward.  RIDE40 is my thank you to all who have supported me over the years and is a renewal of my commitment to live well with the challenges shared by all people with Diabetes.

Diabetes camp programs have been the cornerstone of building my knowledge base, developing management skills, maintaining mental health and creating a peer support network in my life with Diabetes.  I attended camp for boys with Diabetes when I was young and was a counselor as a teen.  As an adult, I attended Diabetes Training Camp, where I now volunteer as Assistant Cycling Coach.  This program has helped me to thrive in my active life with Diabetes.  As a result of my involvement in these programs, I have a life full of possibility rather than the fear, frustration and disappointment that often accompanies Diabetes.

I am compelled to raise scholarship funding for Diabetes Training Camp Foundation so others may discover a fulfilling active life with Diabetes.

Keep up to date with Grant's journey at the Ride40 Facebook page.